Updating Workflow – Mind Like Water

“‘Be shapeless and formless.. like water’ (Bruce Lee)” by Akinini.com is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Have a mind like water.”

― David Allen,  GTD


I started off by updating my GTD system. I created a little game using Constructed and learned some coding in Unity -C#. I uploaded the picture of my Trusted system and my game into Schoology.


Unity – C#

The last lesson I completed was Basic Concepts: Assignment and Increment Operators. It took me a while because I got a little confused on some of them but I figured it out in the end.


Screenshot from Construct.net

From reading these articles I learned that Construct 3 is the fastest way to get a game up and running using world-leading drag and drop tools and features. Also, it can be used on Chromebooks so if you don’t have a pc then your all set. It helps teach you how to code and you can upload from any location.


Screenshot from editor.construct.net


Image from bananatreelog.com

First I start off by filling in my GTD System so that I know what I need to do that day, which causes me less stress. Then I look at all the things that are due on the day and decide which one to do. The assignments that are due at the end of the week I do later so that I can finish the assignments that are due at the end of the day.


Screenshot from Construct Begginer’s Guide

I made a top-down shooter game just because it was the easiest for a beginner like me. You have to dodge the boulders while killing the monsters before they get to you.


I learned the basics of how to create a game in Construct. I also learned that a daily D.O.S.E of happiness is very important for your brain. A problem I solved was I was feeling very overwhelmed with school so I made a schedule for myself basically telling me when to do the work for each class in a way that doesn’t feel stressful.

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